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Our Data Quality Management service helps you evaluate data and work with you team around Best Practices of Data Quality Management. Like most companies, your data may be dispersed throughout the company in various formats. We’ll take contacts and supporting data from your old systems such as spreadsheets, ACT, Goldmine and Outlook, scrub it down and import it into your so that all of your teams have access to the same data for a 360 degree view of your organization.

Data Services
=Data Services

The quality of your CRM data directly impacts sales

Data Quality Management Services

The quality of the data you use to fuel your customer relationship management (CRM) platform is paramount to your customer’s experience and thus, sales revenue. Most data-quality issues fall into one of two categories; value-inconsistencies or record duplications. As with the dynamic found in user training, there’s a direct correlation between the quality of your data and the ROI you get from your CRM.

What to Expect with Data Services

The companies with the cleanest and most-consistent data, are the ones who reap the most benefits from their CRM system.

Stop the Second-Guessing

Spend less time deliberating frequent tasks such as “which Account is the correct one I should be reviewing/updating?”.

When you look at these types of stoppages and interruptions discretely, they might seem relatively minor. Look at this from a macro point of view, and what seemed like just “a second here, a second there’’, can now be quantified in terms of days, weeks, or even months!

Integrity in Dashboards & Reports Integrity

Whether they’re on the Home tab or elsewhere, you review look at the same set of dashboards and reports everyday. But if the data they capture is false, then what you’re reviewing everyday is fiction.

Engage with us, and we’ll get your dashboards’ credibility back in good standing.

Communications that are Actually Delivered

Invalid data in communication-critical fields, such as email addresses and zip codes, could potentially botch an entire marketing campaign. Don’t run this risk.

We’ll show you the automated tools that can standardize values in address fields, or even test for invalid email addresses!

Dissect the Data

We’ll meet with the key decision-makers and custodians of your data to review & discuss its current state in detail. Starting with the direction you point us, we’ll analyze your data further to locate any additional problem areas and how these can be resolved.

Agree on Standards and Nomenclatures

Surprisingly, it’s not often that companies dedicate a meeting for standards and nomenclatures. Even if they are discussed, the result usually ends up being a verbal reinforcement of “the rules everyone should follow”. We believe this only sets you up for a “wack-a-mole” scenario, which brings us to our next part…

Make Salesforce Enforce Them!

From our discussions and data analysis, we’ll determine the best ways to validate your data, and put those measure in place. Partner with us, and we can Our goal here is to get it right the first time.

Let your competition stumble over its data. You don’t have to. If you’ve read this far, you’re above this.

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