Services and Solutions

SaaS Solutions is a technology solutions agency specializing in CRM and applications software creation. We can help you with every step of your software project, from ideation and business requirements to design, development and quality assurance.

Your Business is our business

Our clients turn to us for our expertise in CRM strategy, process, development, deployment, and training. We’ve built a solid reputation on the understanding that every business is unique, and every client brings their own challenges and opportunities to the table. With each engagement we combine our expertise in these areas with the client’s goals, resulting in improved processes and more streamlined workflows.

  • Initiate > Align expectations
  • Analyze > Review processes
  • Configure > Build the solution
  • Test > Refine the solution
  • Deploy > Train, launch and support

Customizations to fit your unique business

There’s no need to start from scratch. Get started with the functionality you already know, and build on that with a partner who understands your unique business needs and will work with you to determine where your CRM can make the most impact.

Now that the basic optimization has been completed, with the use of Workflow, Triggers, APEX, Visualforce, and we can customize to your company’s very specific needs. You don’t need to force a square peg into a round hole.

What We Implement, Succeeds.

Why is CRM implementation our specialty? With more than a decade of experience in implementing the large-scale CRM projects your company needs, we can provide the smooth, seamless transition that your business deserves. The SaaS Solutions implementation team helps clients achieve their goals.

We at SaaS Solutions believe that “implementation” shouldn’t be a dirty word. We strive to change the way people think about selecting, implementing, and running products in their business – helping them create valuable solutions tailored specifically to the needs of their customers

Make Your IT Investments Work Together

Increase your investment in your business by leveraging our technology and data integration professionals to ensure that all of your investments work together seamlessly. 

With our experience in integrating technology, we can help you implement the right solutions to streamline your processes. Let us help you decide what systems would be beneficial for managing data or connecting your systems. We have experience with Informatic, Boomi, Perficient, ODBC, and open source integrations. We also can help recommend Salesforce APEX Data Loader, Triggers, APEX Classes, and APIs used to integrate with Oracle, SQL, and MySQL databases. We can also help integrate your salesforce data into Amazon Cloud Services.


Enhance Connections, Optimize Systems

Integration is the bridge that connects your different systems, so you and your employees can easily access information, data, and resources across departments. Automated integration improves the quality of business processes and reduces redundancies, which all leads to reduced costs for both you, your employees, and the company as a whole.

We have a proven track record of CRM optimization and enhancement. We are able to help you unlock the true potential of your CRM system, from both marketing and sales perspectives. Recommended for companies stabilized after initial deployment, and are now interested in advancing sales by advancing their CRM system.


The Quality of Your CRM Data Directly Impacts Sales

Our Data Quality Management service helps you evaluate data and work with your team around Best Practices of Data Quality Management. Like most companies, your data may be dispersed throughout the company in various formats. We’ll take contacts and supporting data from your old systems such as spreadsheets, ACT, Goldmine, and Outlook, scrub it down and import it into your so that all of your teams have access to the same data for a 360-degree view of your organization.

  • Stop the Second-Guessing
  • Integrity in Dashboards & Reports
  • Communications that are Actually Delivered
  • Dissect the Data
  • Agree on Standards and Nomenclatures
  • Make Your Salesforce Enforce Them!
=Data Services

We're there when you need us most

We provide a variety of IT services including system administration, website support and development, and general IT consulting. Our service is simple and very workable, allowing you to pay for what you use. With our Admin On Demand service, you only pay for the amount of time that you need us - whether it is for a quick fix or longer-term support.

Our Admin On Demand (AOD) service provides a ‘place holder’ during the transition phase of your CRM migration, relieving you of the burden of having to hire or contract with an internal ‘Admin’ role that may be required to manage your new system.

Turn your staff into superstars

Whether you need online training or a personalized, on-site session at your company, we have the training to help employees develop and expand their skills. Our approach and method are customized to your company’s specific needs and goals. 

  • “Day in the Life” Interactive Training
  • “Train the Trainer”
  • Application Training
  • Area-Specific Training
  • Pre-Recorded E-Learning
  • Features in Latest Release

Training whenever, wherever

eLearning created by SaaS Solutions is designed for the needs of your audience. Our eLearning content is available in multiple formats so you can bring it to your learners on any device they choose, while they’re already performing tasks that are relevant to their work. SaaS Solutions’ team of expert instructors will help you meet your specific learning objectives with the right mix of engaging media: videos, graphics, interactive learning activities, and more.

We’ll walk with you through content development from start to finish—and then help you track overall learning outcomes with reports that show how participants applied what they learned in their daily work.