Marketing Cloud

Truly Connect with Customers

The Marketing Cloud allows you to leverage audience insights to make decisions and optimize your marketing. It’s an incredibly valuable tool for mobile audiences because it offers multiple paths to reach customers, even when they’re on the go.



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Unify Your Cross-Channel Marketing

Digital Marketing from Salesforce

Marketing Cloud empowers you to use audience insights to make better marketing decisions. No matter where your customers are, you can reach them through a variety of channels and devices.

Marketing Cloud Solutions 

You'll measure the right metrics to analyze your efforts and you'll easily create, optimize and publish campaigns across multiple channels

Email Studio

Build beautiful email campaigns, increase engagement and grow your subscriber list in one place

Journey Builder

Faster, easier customer journey mapping so you can take a more informed approach to your customer experience

Marketing Cloud Personalisation

Accelerate time-to-market, deliver a superior customer experience and drive revenue through improved marketing performance

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Insert your data into prebuilt dashboards and apps to get AI-powered insights, warning signals and predictions on the future of your business.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions that impact your business.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

You pay for the people you acquire (ie. customers, not leads). Improve your lifetime value.

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