Service Cloud

Listen to Your Customers

The Service Cloud helps you to manage customer service issues and complaints, while bridging the social divide between you and your customers. By creating private chat sessions with clients, they can resolve issues quickly with immediate access to support reps who know them by name. You also get valuable data that provides insight into which customer segments are most actively engaged with your company.

Service Cloud
=Service Cloud

Turn Social Conversations into Business Opportunities

Bridging the Social Divide

Service Cloud bridges the gap between your customers and their online social activities. It is a powerful combination of community management, service interaction, knowledge sharing and actionable intelligence that transforms how you engage with your customers and community.

Service Cloud Solutions 

See things from their point of view, and create a personalized experience for each contact

Lightning Service Console

We help you take control of your customer service and make your agents 80% more productive!

Case Management

Increase sales by resolving cases on the first call or email, without taking any more time or effort

Omni-Channel Routing

Save time and resources by focusing the right agent on the most challenging cases

Service Analytics

Insert your data into prebuilt dashboards and apps to get AI-powered insights, warning signals and predictions on the future of your business.

Knowledge Base

Drive more positive outcomes, quicker with our self-service. Accuracy and speed trumps a ticked off agent and dropped calls.

Automation with Macros

Save agent time and effort, for less money.

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